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Innovative Shipping

No need to leave your home! When you shop with us, we do all the heavy lifting for you, safely shipping your green indoor plants at lightning-fast speed. Once you make your purchase, we take it from there!

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Apartment Ready Plants

Our easy indoor plants come ready to go upon arrival. We don’t want you to stress over preparing for your plant, which is why we provide you with a pot, plant and guidance to make the process as enjoyable as ever!

Plant Care & Resources

Have any questions about plant care? Look no further! Whether you’re looking to care for indoor hanging plants or one that can be stylishly adorned on your kitchen table, we offer in-depth guides for all things succulent!

Healthy & Full-grown

Our wide selection contains the very best indoor plants on the market. They come shipped in pristine condition, and with the help of our detailed care guides, you can keep them looking gorgeous and become a succulent master in the process!