About Us

We’re all about gorgeous plants and the people who love them. There’s just something special about coming home to a living thing and them not needing anything from you but a glass of water and some lovin. Def one of the reasons we’re so into this…

At Plantquility, we’re on a mission to liven up your dreary home or office with exotic plants that make you feel less like a zombie work machine and more like a happy plant parent. We want you to bask in exotic beauty, indulge in some naturally purified air, and pat yourself on the back for being one of those nature-loving, plant-watering, semi-responsible people.

K luv u, go find your plant <3

From Greenhouse To Your House

Plants are awesome, but a lot of houseplant retailers don’t care about anything but making money. We definitely want to make money, but we also care deeply about our plants. Plantquility is a company born of our passion for fancy greenery in the home. TBH, we’re kinda obsessed with the quality and the wellbeing of our plants.

Most stores have a bunch of plants on deck in a warehouse or on display for weeks before selling them. We keep our plants in greenhouses until they’re ready to be shipped to their forever home. This means your plant arrives happy, healthy, and with a much brighter future ahead of them.

Setting You Up For Success

Buying a new plant can be scary if you aren’t an experienced plant parent. Don’t fret bb, we’ve got you covered. A good start is important, so we hand select each plant, make sure it’s packaged safely, and provide you with an appropriately sized pot.

We also have a complete selection of plant care guides so all of you noobie plant lovers can grow with confidence. Buying and caring for a houseplant should be relaxing, not yet another point of stress. Just stick with us and stay confident. Together, we’ve got this!

Healthy & Full-Grown

We call our plants “babies” all the time, but that’s just because they’re cute and we’re cute and it's fun. The truth of the matter is that our plants are full-grown and as healthy as a yoga instructor.

All of our plants are cared for and handled as if they were our actual children. Ya, weird, but you get to benefit from that obsession. When your plant arrives, you can trust that it will be healthy and full grown. If you want it to get bigger, just use your hands… and um, move it to a larger pot.

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