Marble Queen Pothos - Plantquility Houseplants
Medium Snow Queen Pothos in grey pot.
Medium Snow Queen Pothos in black pot.
Medium Snow Queen Pothos in green pot.
Medium Snow Queen Pothos in orange pot.
Medium Snow Queen Pothos in yellow pot.

Marble Queen Pothos

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The Marble Queen Pothos is the ultimate houseplant! Between its incredible durability and dazzling foliage, this plant is guaranteed to blow you away. Marble Queen Pothos care is as simple as possible, making it extremely easy for you to take care of it on a day-to-day basis. It offers an array of forms as well, allowing you to choose whether you want it to grow as a potted, hanging or rising houseplant. No matter what form it is tasked to take on, it always comes out looking as elegant as ever!

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Pot 5x5 Plant 8 to 12 inches tall
Pot 7x7 Plant 1 to 2 feet tall
Pot 9x9 Plant 2 1/2 to 4 feet tall
  • 1.Hand selected healthy plant potted in our premium soil
  • 2.Soft touch mid century modern styled pot with drainage hole
  • 3.Matching pot saucer
  • 4.Plant care guide with easy tips to keep your plant happy