Medium Dracaena Collection in grey pot.
Medium Dracaena Collection in black pot.
Medium Dracaena Collection in green pot.
Medium Dracaena Collection in orange pot.
Medium Dracaena Collection in yellow pot.

Dracaena Collection

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The Dracaena Collection is a brief but wonderful look into the incredible world of Dracaena plants. Native to regions all across the globe, Dracaena plants offer a universally loved houseplant experience that allows plant owners of all experience levels to reap the benefits of natural life while barely even lifting a finger. After providing your Dracaena plant with minimal assistance, it will begin to take off on its own, growing tall and strong in no time. Their thick, glossy leaves and sturdy, tree-like stem are going to be a central talking point whenever family and friends make their way into your home!
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  • What's Included
Pot 5x5 Plant 8 to 12 inches tall
Pot 7x7 Plant 1 to 2 feet tall
Pot 9x9 Plant 2 1/2 to 4 feet tall
  • 1.Hand selected healthy plant potted in our premium soil
  • 2.Soft touch mid century modern styled pot with drainage hole
  • 3.Matching pot saucer
  • 4.Plant care guide with easy tips to keep your plant happy