Close up of Rose Quartz Cactus
Small Rose Quartz Cactus in grey pot.
Small Rose Quartz Cactus in black pot.
Small Rose Quartz Cactus in green pot.
Small Rose Quartz Cactus in orange pot.
Small Rose Quartz Cactus in yellow pot.
Small Rose Quartz Cactus in blue pot.

Rose Quartz Cactus

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The Rose Quartz Cactus is the succulent of your dreams, combining ease of care and a compact frame to create the perfect, low key houseplant. Its name comes from the brilliant red flowers that it produces, which intermingle with the plant and present a much-appreciated color contrast. This member of the cactus family thrives when placed in window sills, and the more sunlight it enjoys each day the better! Echinopsis cactus care is a piece of cake, so long as you remember to water it occasionally and offer cactus fertilizer during the late spring and summer months.
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Pot 5x5 Plant 8 to 12 inches tall
Pot 7x7 Plant 1 to 2 feet tall
Pot 9x9 Plant 2 1/2 to 4 feet tall
  • 1.Hand selected healthy plant potted in our premium soil
  • 2.Soft touch mid century modern styled pot with drainage hole
  • 3.Matching pot saucer
  • 4.Plant care guide with easy tips to keep your plant happy