The Smartest Way To Buy Indoor Houseplants Online

The Smartest Way To Buy Indoor Houseplants Online

Figuring out where to buy indoor plants can be a daunting task, especially when you’re not sure whether you’d prefer selecting one in person or over the internet. While the classic answer would be to search in person, the times are very quickly changing. Online houseplant options are expanding at a greater rate than ever before, to the point where virtually all plants are available for you to purchase at a moment’s notice.

With each passing day, buying indoor house plants online gains a greater competitive edge over the older means of plant shopping. It offers a level of convenience and sustained care that is simply unmatched, and its global reach is proving highly effective at connecting you to flora from around the world!

Of course, not all online plant providers are built the same, and some are much more efficient than others.

Shopping With Plantquility

When you shop with Plantquility, you’re choosing from a range of the most vibrant, cared for plants on the entire market! We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the best houseplants possible, and we ensure that by keeping a careful eye on our plants from the very beginning. Our facilities and attention to detail are what have solidified us as a reliable houseplant provider, and we’re excited to keep up the good work moving forward.

From Our Greenhouse To Your Home

In order to guarantee that your houseplant arrives happy and healthy, we grow all of our plants in high-tech greenhouses. These greenhouses provide the perfect conditions for growing and maintaining the health of houseplants. As if this wasn’t already a sweet enough deal, each facility is run by plant care experts, who work tirelessly to ensure that every plant is able to reach its full potential.

These greenhouse conditions are generally an online exclusive perk, as the plants that you find in physical stores are not being subjected to the same levels of lighting, temperature and more. This being the case, store-bought plants might not grow as effectively as those you find online, which should be more than enough for you to question its usefulness.

Fast, Direct Delivery

Once you make a purchase, it only takes 1 day to process the order and ship your houseplant. We send you everything you need in order to have a happy plant right off the bat, and we send it as soon as possible. You won’t even need to leave your home, because we’ll deliver it right to your doorstep. Your job will simply be to enjoy the product; no having to go out and find one with the least dead leaves as you’d have to when buying one from a physical store!

Offering Help Along The Way

We don’t just care about getting a high-quality houseplant to your home; helping you grow that plant is our responsibility as well! That’s why we provide in-depth plant care guides for each and every houseplant that we offer on our site. These guides are written by our care experts and go into detail on the various requirements for your plant to grow properly. Such requirements include specifics on the types of lighting, feeding and watering schedules that your plant will most enjoy, as well as its temperature and humidity requirements.

These guides are lightweight and easy to follow, ensuring that your plant gets to live its best life and become that eye-catching natural beauty that you were hoping for. Best of all, they’re absolutely free! When buying plants from a physical store, you don’t generally receive detailed guides on their care regimes, forcing you to go online anyway. With Plantquility, you cut out the middleman and ultimately get a much better product.

Questions To Ask Yourself

When determining the type of houseplant that you’d be interested in purchasing and adding to your collection, it’s important to ask yourself a few questions beforehand.

Where Am I Going To Put The Plant?

Knowing where in your home the plant would be placed is essential, since it will help you decide whether you purchase a small, medium or large plant. If you’re interested in plants that can bookend your furniture or fill the empty corners of your home, then look into large plants that can grow several feet tall. If a desk or tabletop plant is more your style, our small plant selection is perfect for you.

Do I Want A Hanging Plant?

Many houseplants can function as hanging plants, on top of being effective additions to tabletops. If you’re more interested in a plant that you can hang in a basket, look into Spider Plants and others that possess vine-like features. Lucky for you, we carry both!

How Hard Is It To Grow?

Understanding the difficulty level of a given plant should be one of your first steps, as it can have a real effect on your final decision. Many plants are accessible to growers of all experience levels, but some can prove extra challenging if you haven’t already cared for similar plants or don’t have the time to tend to it constantly. Make sure that you know a plant’s care requirements ahead of time!

Where’s The Best Place To Buy Indoor Plants Online?

Right here, of course! We at Plantquility do everything in our power to make it as easy as possible for you to enjoy the natural splendor of houseplants. Our massive selection offers a little something for everyone, and our attention to detail ensures that your plant will be taken care of for its entire journey from our greenhouses to your home. You can feel safe knowing that we’ve always got your interests in mind!

Shop Online For Plants Today

There’s no better time than the present to shop online for plants, and there’s no better website to browse than the one you’re on right now! While checking out our collection, keep those aforementioned questions in mind. You’ll be surprised by how quickly you find your dream plant!