Inch Plant- Wandering Jew Plant Care Guide

Difficulty Level: Low Key
Low Key

What is the Inch Plant?

The Inch Plant, also known as the "Wandering Jew", is a hardy, beautiful, vining variety that is perfect for house plant novices, or a more advanced plant parent who wants a pop of color in their space. Its beautiful silver striped green and magenta leaves can spread throughout your home, workspace, or outdoor area with ease. It doesn’t get any taller than 6 inches, but the vines can be grown as long as 6 feet! It requires very little attention from its humans, with regular watering, and to be stored in a temperate zone in the winter. It is sure to brighten any space, and to make you feel like you’re living in a tropical paradise, much like its native homeland.

Tradescantia Zebina propagation is a breeze! This plant can be easily propagated and shared with others, from just one inch of a cutting. This robust plant can be used indoors, on patios, or can even be used as a ground cover in your garden, if warm weather prohibits it. If planted outdoors in a warm humid environment, you may get to experience its cute small pink flowers that bloom throughout the year, but with the right indoor climate, you may be lucky enough to see some when planted indoors in a hanging basket!

Light CareLight Care

If you want your Tradescantia Zebinas leaves to put on a striking show, it is best to give your plant plenty of light. Not too much light through, direct light can result in leaf scorching, but do not fret! Unless it is living outdoors during mid-summer, leaf scorching will be hard to do indoors. Finding a spot in your space with bright indirect light should do the trick for this guy. The best living conditions for the Inch plant would be next to a windowsill that can provide at least 8 hours of indirect bright light. Without the light that it requires, you may notice your plant’s leaves start to fade and look dull but do not reach for the waste bin! Simply move it to a zone close to a South or West facing window, and it will liven back up in no time.

Water CareWater Care

The Inch plant would do best if watered frequently, and if its soil is left consistently moist. If you place your finger in its pot and feel that it is dry, then it’s time to water! Your plant will require more water during the hotter, summer months, but can be watered less frequently during the colder months due to its lack of growth. This plant is a tough little fella though, it can cope with a slight drought from time to time, as well as some overwatering.

Food GuideFood Guide

The inch plant doesn’t require too much of your time, nor doesn’t care how much food it does or doesn’t get (what a perfect pet!). Feeding is really up to you and how much time you are willing to invest in this plant. If you choose to feed your plant regularly, bi-monthly best, although some say that once a twice a year is all they need. You can use a water-soluble indoor plant fertilizer that is diluted. Over-feeding can cause the plant to look drab and dull. They will quickly lose all of their flare in their leaves, simply leaving them a plain green.

Staff Holy Grail Tip:

Propagation has never been easier with the Inch plant. Simply pinch off an inch or more of your plant that has at least one leaf attached, from here your can plant the cutting directly into fresh potting soil (cutting side down), or place the cuttings into a jar of water until they start to root.
If placing the cutting directly into the soil, water regularly and your plant should start to root in a matter of weeks. For a quick bushy look, place several propagated cuttings into a pot. You will get a full look in no time.