Plant Care Guide Phlebodium Aureum

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What is the Blue-Star Fern?

The Phlebodium Aureum, also known as the “Golden Polybody,” the “Golden Serpent Fern” and the “Cabbage Palm Fern,” is a popular fern native to the tropical regions of North and South America, as well as the Carribean. It is characterized by its array of long, beautiful leaves, bearing colors ranging from grey-green to blue-green.

While this is not a flower-producing plant, its voluminous leaves and ideal tolerance for household conditions have turned it into one of the most adored houseplants on the market!

Light CareLight Care

The Blue Star Fern prefers bright, indirect light. It is no surprise that the “Gold-Foot Fern” enjoys the sun’s golden rays, but make sure that you do not place it somewhere that receives much direct light, as this could result in its leaves “burning” and losing their healthy color. Inversely, providing your plant with too little light could lead to stunted growth, among other complications.

Ideally, find a space in your home where this fern can enjoy bright light through a filter, such as a transparent window curtain.

Water CareWater Care

Water your Blue Star Fern on a weekly basis, and be aware that the amount of water you give it will vary depending on the time of year; more during the growing season, less during the winter months, and adjustments all in between. Make sure to keep its soil moist, and preferably begin watering from the sides of the pot, as this plant does not like to be directly watered.

To check the water levels of your plant’s soil, place a water meter several inches into the soil, where it will give you an accurate indication. If you do not own a water meter, stick one finger knuckle-deep into the soil. At this depth, you will be able to accurately account for the soil’s level of moistness.

Food GuideFood Guide

The Blue Star Fern is an epiphyte, meaning that it mainly gets its nutrients from above-soil sources such as water, air and built-up debris. Use a loose, well-draining potting soil for this plant, as it will allow the fern to best flourish.

The Blue Star Fern does not require much feeding. Provide it with average diluted houseplant fertilizer once a month during the growing season, and don’t feed it during the winter months, when the plant’s growth is dormant.

Staff Holy Grail Pro-Tip:

The Blue Star Fern’s allure is very closely tied to its elegant, blue-green coloring. To preserve its colors and keep it as healthy as possible, make sure to water it when the soil’s surface feels dried out. The Blue Star Fern is sensitive to certain salts and other residues, so make sure to use distilled water when hydrating your plant!