Plant Care Guide Philodendron Erubescens

Difficulty Level: Modest

What is the Red Leaf Philodendron plant?

Philodendron Erubescens, more commonly known as the “Red Leaf Philodendron,” is characterized by its assortment of vibrant green and red leaves. It is a “self-header” form of plant, meaning that its oval-shaped leaves are closely packed together to hide its strong, thin stem.

A relatively new hybrid designed to be houseplants, Red Leaf Philodendrons are perfect both as table-top accessories and floor ornaments. As it matures, its leaves will grow upright as opposed to a more spread out growth.

Light CareLight Care

The Red Leaf Philodendron prefers medium, shaded natural light. It can grow in low light, however its growth and overall appearance may be impacted.

Ensure that your plant is not exposed to direct bright sunlight for too long, as this can lead to its leaves experiencing “sunburn.”

Water CareWater Care

Water this plant twice a week. Refrain from watering until the top 50% of the soil is dry. This will allow your plant to most effectively absorb the water that it receives. In the winter months, reduce the amount of water the plant gets each session in order to allow the soil to become even dryer. 

To check the water levels of your plant’s soil, place a water meter 6-8 inches into the soil, where it will give you an accurate indication. If you do n’t own a water meter, stick one finger knuckle-deep into the soil. At this depth, you will be able to accurately account for the soil’s level of moistness.

Food GuideFood Guide

As is the case for all types of philodendrons, it is best to use a rich, quick-draining soil. Fertilize your plant on a monthly basis, when its leaves are actively growing. Use a fertilizer diluted to ½ of what is recommended.

Staff Holy Grail Pro-Tip:

Known for its long, waxy leaves and dark red stem, the Blushing Philodendron is a tropical plant through and through. It loves medium to high levels of humidity, and although it enjoys the humidity in your home, you can provide it with a helpful boost by misting its leaves occasionally with a spray bottle of distilled or purified water.