Plant Care Guide Peperomia Pilea

Difficulty Level: Low Key
Low Key

What is the Chinese Money plant?

The Peperomia Pilea, which is also known as the “Lefse Plant” and “Pancake Plant,” is native to the Yunnan Province of Southern China, very close to the Himalayas. It is best recognized by its glossy, circular leaves that extend out from their very thin stems. It would almost appear that lily pads are growing out from your flower pot!

Also dubbed as the “UFO Plant,” its unique foliage and simple care requirements have made it an extremely popular choice among houseplant aficionados of all different experience levels. Its medium size makes it perfect for placement in a windowsill or on your desk at home.

Light CareLight Care

The Chinese Money Plant prefers to grow in spaces that provide it with bright, indirect light. This is common among houseplants, as too much direct light could result in the burning and discoloration of the plant’s foliage. Similarly, too light light altogether could cause your plant to experience stunted growth or even die.

Ideally, find a space in your home that experiences bright, indirect light throughout much of the day, and avoid anywhere that sees fluctuations in lighting. Windowsills are a good place to start, as well as desktops that are located near light sources.

Water CareWater Care

The Chinese Money Plant does not require much in the way of watering, which is why a biweekly schedule is ideal. This way, its soil is able to absorb most of the water that it receives, while leaving some moistness for the next watering session. If your plant’s soil is fully dry by the time of its next watering session, provide it with a bit more this time around.

To check the water levels of your plant’s soil, place a water meter a few inches into the soil, where it will give you an accurate indication. If you do not own a water meter, stick one finger knuckle-deep into the soil. At this depth, you will be able to accurately account for the soil’s level of moistness.

Food GuideFood Guide

The Chinese Money Plant prefers an average potting soil, combined with some perlite or another material that allows the soil to drain more effectively. This will allow for your soil to maintain some of its moistness without endangering the life of your plant.

During the growing season, fertilize your plant once a month. Use a diluted regular houseplant fertilizer, as this will provide the best boost to your plant’s growth. Make sure not to fertilize outside of the growing season (the Winter months), as your plant will not be looking to grow at this time and could be harmed as a result.

Staff Holy Grail Pro-Tip:

The Chinese Money Plant is incredibly easy going, and that is best reflected in its adherence to a variety of light conditions. In optimal, indirect light, water once every 2 weeks, but you can get away with less than optimal lighting as well. By simply watering more frequently in brighter light and less frequently in lower light, your Chinese Money Plant should still experience ideal growth!