Ming Aralia Plant Care Guide

Difficulty Level: Modest

What is the Ming Aralia Plant?

This gorgeous and exotic plant is technically an evergreen shrub. Ming Aralia is native to the tropical climates of Indonesia and India, but can easily live a happy and healthy life in your home or place of business. This plant requires a bit more effort than your average houseplant, but you’ll be handsomely rewarded for your efforts with bright green foliage that is gentle, fluffy, and stunningly beautiful.

There is a lot to love about Ming Aralia, but one of the attributes that really makes it stand out is its unique foliage. Its leaves are often likened to feathers or the foliage of a fern. The graceful, thin branches of Ming Aralia grow straight up and create a complex layering of foliage that makes this plant especially visually stunning.

Ming Aralia plant care is not particularly difficult, but it does require your attention and an understanding of its needs. We know that you want to care for your plants properly and we’re happy to help!

Light CareLight Care

Ming Aralia thrives in bright, but indirect sunlight. This plant can also handle shade quite well, so you don’t need to obsess over positioning it perfectly. That being said, we do recommend avoiding leaving your Ming Aralia in direct sunlight, especially during the hasher hours of the afternoon sun. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can scorch this plant’s delicate foliage and leave it looking damaged and unhealthy.

This plant is quite resilient to various light settings. It will grow faster in bright, indirect sunlight, but also does impressively well in low-light settings. One thing this plant hates is transitioning between light settings. If you move Ming Aralia from one light setting to another, it might experience shock. Without careful aftercare, shock can kill a plant. So, if you need to change from one light setting to another, make sure to transition this plant gradually.

Water CareWater Care

This plant requires weekly watering. Ming Aralia plants like to be kept moist, but it is important that you do not completely saturate the plant. Too much water can drown the plant or cause a number of different problems including root rot.

A good rule of thumb is to let the top 2 inches of soil dry out completely before watering. This usually takes about a week, but can vary depending on the season. In the hot summer months, you might find that you need to lightly water between hearty weekly watering sessions. In the cooler months, you may find that the top 2 inches of soil take 8-10 days to dry out.

In general, remember to water this plant once weekly and lightly spray its foliage with a mister. Like with any plant, use your best judgement and always check the top layer of soil to gauge moisture.

Food GuideFood Guide

Ming Aralia doesn’t require much in regards to food. You only need to provide this resilient plant with light fertilization each season. We recommend fertilizing in the middle of summer, the beginning of fall, and at any point during spring. A diluted mixture of water-soluble fertilizers works great for these plants. If fertilizing three times per year sounds like too much of a chore to you, you can use a slow-release fertilizer once a year in the middle of spring.

Aralia plant care is pretty forgiving and though fertilization isn’t something you need to worry about on a monthly basis, we highly recommend keeping an eye on your plant. This way you know if it needs a little extra care. If the leaves aren’t a vibrant or green as they normally are, it might be time to consider adding some nutrients to the soil.

Staff Holy Grail Tip:

One of the most important things to keep in mind when growing Ming Aralia is that these plants are prone to root rot. Though they require regular weekly watering, they do not like to be over-saturated with water. It is essential that you let the top 2 inches of soil completely dry out before continuing your watering cycle. This will help your plant thrive and grow to its full potential. Proper watering cycles are important for all plants, but they become absolutely essential when dealing with plants that are prone to root rot.

Remember; pay attention to watering cycles and the moisture content of its soil, and your Ming Aralia plant will live a long, happy, and healthy life.

- Sara