Plant Care Guide Delosperma Cooperi

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What is the Hardy Iceplant?

The Delosperma Cooperi, also known as the “Trailing Iceplant” and “Pink Carpet,” is a warm-weather succulent that produces pink, purple and red flowers, among other vibrant colors. It gets its name from the white hairs that the plant’s flowers produce, which reflect light in a manner that resembles ice crystals.

The Hardy Iceplant grows quickly and efficiently, making it a perfect plant for people of all experience levels. Its foliage brings some natural colors that will brighten any room in your home!

Light CareLight Care

The Hardy Iceplant prefers bright, direct light. Much like other houseplants that produce brightly colored foliage, direct light permits the Iceplant to achieve flowers with colors that truly pop. Without proper lighting, your plant’s flowers will lose some of the vibrance that they are so famous for.

Additionally, placing your plant in low or indirect light will cause it to grow at a reduced rate, and it could even result in your plant’s growth being stunted altogether. Ideally, find a space next to a window in your home that will offer your plant consistent exposure to direct light.

Water CareWater Care

Water your Hardy Iceplant on a biweekly basis. This plant does not require constant watering, but if its soil begins looking drier in the summer months, you can reduce that period to one that is a bit more frequent.

To check the water levels of your plant’s soil, place a water meter several inches into the soil, where it will give you an accurate indication. If you do not own a water meter, stick one finger knuckle-deep into the soil. At this depth, you will be able to accurately account for the soil’s level of moistness.

Food GuideFood Guide

Dry, well-draining soil is ideal for this plant, as it allows the plant to absorb water without running the risk of being drowned or suffering from root rot. The Hardy Iceplant does not require much feeding, so fertilize sparingly in the spring using slow-release fertilizer. To encourage greater growth, introduce compost to your feeding schedule as well.

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