Calico Kitten Plant Care Guide

Difficulty Level: Modest

What is the Calico Kitten Plant?

Native to South Africa and coming in variegated colors more often than not, the Calico Kitten Plant is a small, self-reliant houseplant that fits in perfectly when placed on counters and other tabletops. It is drought-resistant and enjoys a breadth of temperature and humidity levels, making it an ideal fit for just about every household.

This plant’s foliage provides the vibrant, lowkey aesthetic that is present in many succulents. Its leaves are small and heart-shaped, often coming in variegated colors and being trailed by long, thin stems. It is a spreading succulent, which means that it enjoys taking up as much space as possible and eventually trying to spill out of the pot!

Light CareLight Care

The Calico Kitten Plant prefers conditions that allow it to enjoy bright, indirect light. Areas of your home that can provide this type of lighting include spaces near, but not directly in, windowsills and glass doors. It can also tolerate bright, direct light to a moderate degree, but you need to slowly introduce it to direct light in order to avoid burning its foliage and hampering its ability to grow properly.

This plant cherishes its time in the sun, so make sure that you keep it away from any areas of your home that generally experience partial to full shade. The plant will likely not be able to grow to its full potential without a consistent source of natural sunlight, and much like exposing it to bright, direct light too quickly, shade can cause it to become discolored.

Water CareWater Care

As a succulent, the Calico Kitten Plant benefits from being drought-resistant. It can withstand dry, arid conditions and still grow properly, providing you with a helpful “fail safe” of sorts and allowing its watering schedule to be less rigid. Water on a weekly basis, waiting for the soil to dry in between sessions. Keep an eye on the plant’s soil, as it may dry up faster/slower than anticipated and require a slight alteration to the watering schedule.

Determining the moisture levels of your Calico Kitten Plant’s soil is a surprisingly easy task! The easiest way to do this is by placing a water meter 1-2 inches deep into the soil, at which point it will indicate how much moisture the soil still possesses. If you do not have a water meter, simply use your finger in its place. At a depth of 1-2 inches, you should be able to tell how moist the soil is yourself.

Food GuideFood Guide

The Calico Kitten Plant’s roots are very sensitive, leaving them prone to dangerous complications such as root rot when burdened by water that has become stagnant. As a result, the ideal soil for this plant is a mixture of cactus potting soil and additional organic materials that are known to increase drainage. Such materials include perlite, peat moss and coarse sand.

During the growing season of the spring and summer months, fertilize your Calico Kitten Plant 3-4 times in total. Ideally, use a water-soluble fertilizer that is poor in nitrogen, diluted down to half of its normal strength. This plant does not require much in the way of fertilizer, as it grows well without it!

Staff Holy Grail Pro-Tip:

The Calico Kitten Plant is extremely durable and doesn’t need much support when it comes to temperature and humidity requirements. It does, however, have roots that are extra sensitive to stagnant water, which could lead to dangerous complications. When watering your Calico Kitten Plant, make sure not to soak the soil, and wait until it has almost completely dried before watering once more. Also, make sure to use well-draining soil to avoid water pooling!