Aralia Fabian Stump Plant Care Guide

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What is the Aralia Fabian Stump?

The Aralia Fabian Stump (Polyscias scutellaria) is also known as the Plum Aralia, Fabian Stump, or Shield Aralia. This stunning shrub is native to the islands of the Pacific Ocean, including New Guinea. It has been cultivated as an indoor plant that slowly grows to a maximum height of about 5 feet. The Plum Aralia has lovely green round leaves that feature an interesting purplish underside. This amazing shrub, with its tree-like trunk, will bring that desirable wood element to your space. Luckily, it requires only strategic placement and a small amount of effort to keep the Fabian Stump healthy and content.

Light CareLight Care

The Fabian Stump flourishes with medium light exposure. When considering where your Aralia Fabian Stump should live in your home or workspace, you should be seeking out a spot that gets mostly bright indirect sunlight. This interesting indoor plant will enjoy a couple hours of direct sunlight if it occurs during the beginning or the end of the day. However, it's important to keep in mind that harsh direct light during peak midday hours will not be appreciated. Normally, a home near a South or West facing window is well suited for your Fabian Stump.

If your houseplant receives too much direct sunlight, the edges of the green round leaves will begin to turn brown. The Aralia Fabian Stump can live in low light settings, but its growth may become lanky as it reaches for more sunlight. Ultimately, Aralia Fabian Stump care is a breeze. This indoor plant is resilient and fairly easy to take care of, so long as you set your plant up for success by finding it a properly lit space.

Water CareWater Care

A weekly watering schedule should be established to provide your Aralia Fabian Stump the perfect amount of hydration. This spectacular shrub should be thoroughly watered when the top layer of solid becomes dry. During the warmer spring and summer seasons, watering should most likely occur every week. During colder months, the Fabian Stump may require less frequent watering in order to avoid root rot. The most important thing to remember is that when it comes to watering your beloved Aralia, less is more. When in doubt, it is usually best to water too little rather than too much.

If at all possible, collecting rainwater for your Aralia would be ideal. Tap water should be allowed to stand out for about a day in order to allow chemicals and impurities to breathe off prior to watering. If you have particularly hard tap water, it can be boiled then allowed to cool in order to soften. Distilled water can also be used for less hassle. Whichever source is used for water, be sure to allow it to come to room temperature first to avoid giving your plant a shock. And always remember to allow your Aralia Fabian Stump to drain completely after watering.

Food GuideFood Guide

Like many other houseplants, the Aralia Fabian Stump can benefit from occasional feeding. Give your indoor plant an extra boost of energy during the peak growing seasons with fertilization. You can use a liquid fertilizer about once a month during spring and summer. In order to avoid accumulation of harmful salts and minerals in your plant’s soil, it is best to dilute the liquid fertilizer to half of the recommended ratio.

The Aralia Fabian Stump should be potted in a nutrient rich, well-draining soil. A neutral loamy soil mix of clay, sand and humus is ideal. Because of the normally slow growth rate of the Fabian Stump, it is not necessary to repot frequently.

Staff Holy Grail Tip:

It is highly recommended that yellowing or brown leaves be immediately removed from your Aralia Fabian Stump. In addition, suckers (small yellow leaves growing on the plant trunk) should also be removed. Pruning can be a great way to thicken the trunk of your Fabian Stump. Pruning will also keep growth in check and help maintain a healthy indoor plant. Be sure not to over do it though. You should never remove more than one third of the plant’s foliage over the course of a year. When pruning, it is best to trim the leaves just above a node on the stem. Remember- Aralia Fabian Stump plant care might be easy, but you still need to stay on top of it!

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