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What is the Flamingo Flower?

The Anthurium, also known as the “Tailflower” and the “Laceleaf,” is a tropical succulent native to Central and South America. It gets its “Flamingo Flower” name from the delicate, waxy leaves it produces, which come in vibrant shades of red, white and pink. Oftentimes, these leaves can be mistaken for flowers, but the flowers themselves are tiny and bloom just above the rest of the colorful foliage.

The Flamingo Flower is an incredibly durable plant, so you do not have to worry about falling behind on any rigorous care schedules. It only needs you to get the ball rolling, and then you can relax and enjoy all the natural splendor this plant brings!

Light CareLight Care

The Flamingo Flower prefers areas of your home that can provide it with a consistent source of bright, indirect light. A partially shaded environment is exactly what this plant is used to in its native locations, so when you achieve this in your home, it will give your plant the best chance to flourish.

Avoid providing your Flamingo Flower with too much bright, direct light, as this could lead to the burning and discoloration of its leaves. The last thing that you want is for your plant to lose its sharp, beautiful color patterns. Additionally, too little light could result in the stunted growth or premature death of the plant.

Water CareWater Care

Water your Flamingo Flower on a weekly basis, and make sure to evenly spread the water across the plant’s soil. This way, you avoid pools of water building up and causing dangerous conditions for the plant’s roots. Water once the first inch of soil appears to have dried up.

To check the water levels of your plant’s soil, place a water meter in the soil, where it will give you an accurate indication. If you do not own a water meter, stick one finger knuckle-deep into the soil. At this depth, you will be able to accurately account for the soil’s level of moistness.

Food GuideFood Guide

A potting mix that includes peat moss is ideal for the Flamingo Flower. Peat moss is an effective material for potted plants, since it helps to boost the soil’s overall draining properties. This plant is not picky when it comes to soil, so any well-draining mixture should be enough for it to grow.

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