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Dracaena Fragarans is known by a handful of names including “Fragrant Dracaena” and “Cron” but is most frequently referred to as a “Cornstalk Plant”. This plant is known for its subtle beauty and fragrant flowers. Dracaena Fragarans is native to parts of Africa including Sudan, Angola, Mozambique...
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Tyson N.
United States United States
Fast Shipping!

I had a friend recently get into plants, and they went above and beyond for my birthday celebration this year. The perfect give of thanks was a potted plant. I specifically chose a Dracaena Fragrant because of the ease of care, and it came potted. - I wish I had pics of the box before I tore it up, lol. It was packed nicely and upright; there are labels on the box to make sure it stays sitting up. For the most part, delivery drivers help with that. They received the plant and placed it on the table. It’s the perfect gift that is shipped for you. I wish I could have added a note or something, but it was fine.

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  • bright direct to indirect light

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